When is Squirrel With A Gun coming out?

By Todd Russell Jul23,2023

A game many of us at PGM have been following is Squirrel with a Gun [Steam]. This game looks like bizarre fun. Yes, you’re a squirrel with a gun. It’s giving me the animalistic equivalent of Rutger Hauer in Hobo with a Shotgun, but probably won’t be that over the top. Anyway, this game was supposed to come out March 17, 2023 according to Bing for multiple platforms.

Obviously Bing is wrong. Didn’t ask the Bing AI bot for more details, but that might have taken me down a funny sideroad.

While preparing this post, I decided to put on my interweb sleuth hat and see where this developer, Daniel DeEntremont can be contacted. He has a Twitter and lists his Gmail on it, cool beans.

On June 12, 2023, a second trailer for the game was published on IGN here: https://www.ign.com/videos/squirrel-with-a-gun-official-trailer-2-summer-of-gaming-2023

The marketing on this game has been in overdrive and will probably lead to a big splash at launch, but again, when is it going to be released? This answer is more elusive than a giant acorn.

Decided to send developer Dan a DM on Twitter and an email. Scratch the first option, as learned Dan can’t be DM’d.

Old school: off to the email draft. Let him know our group are big fans of the squirrel, and see if maybe before I published this post if I could get some more information on the game? Where is it at in development, does he need some private testers, you know, the whole nine and a half yards. Here was my Twitter DM pitch:

Hello there,

Our gaming group has a squirrel for a mascot and, accordingly we are interested in Squirrel with a Gun. Is there any chance you’d be able to share a little bit of an update on how the development is going? Is it looking like at least a demo of the game will be released on Steam by the end of 2023? Or is it looking like it will be longer? Do you need any playtesters (for free, of course). When you get closer to release, we would be happy to feature your game in our gaming group called: Play Games More (PGM). Can you provide any details on what’s happening with the game? Thank you, Todd Russell

Email sent 7/17/2023 at 2:49pm PST. The waiting for squirrel is the hardest part!

In the meantime, the developer also has a YouTube page here: https://www.youtube.com/@QuiteDan/videos with a good number of behind the scenes footage of the squirrel main character and some other interactions. Here’s just one of them below:

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