Many Gamers Buying Co-Op over Solo play on Steam

The big Steam Summer Sale ends today July 11 at 10am PST (GMT-8) if you have any last minute shopping decisions whatsoever (check your wishlist!), that may already be passed by the time you read this. One category many gamers are paying more attention to: co-op games:

Not too surprising statistic that many gamers are choosing co-op play on Steam with their purchasing decision over solo play.

106 co-op games have sold over 5 million units in their lifetime on Steam, making it a surprisingly attractive opportunity for larger publishers, and even the bottom 25% of co-op games still sell twice as well as the bottom 25% of other games. The report also found that word of mouth was a valuable aspect when it comes to co-op play because gamers want their friends to join them and also the ability to create fun content to share on social media.

Steam’s Co-op Games Are Outshining Solo Play By A Wide Margin, Says New Report (

If readers are curious what games I bought, all based on Steam friend recommendations here is batch #1:

In this batch, my picks are (in no particular order):

Second batch of Steam Summer 2024 games I purchased:

I haven’t gotten through checking out all of these yet, but here’s a couple standouts that I have played and liked so far:

These recommendations came from PGM member Vacantcode that curates a Steam group called Bangers on the Bezel ( Follow his group, he brings it!

With another big yearly Steam sale ending, the next big one will be the winter sale. There is a fall one, as well, but typically the two big ones I look most forward to are the Summer and Winter sales. Start wishlisting now and then get the games you’re most interested in playing during those sales, sometimes at very significant discounts.

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