Ratchet and Clank: A Rift Apart Not Selling Very Well On Steam/PC So Far

By Todd Russell Aug1,2023

Is Sony over-reaching with its strategy to bring PlayStation 5 titles to PC a couple years after exclusitivity on their famed console? Am not sure it’s that much so much as the number of people that have already played the game on the PS5, how many want to play it again on PC? I surely don’t. But is Sony targeting PC gamers that don’t own a PS5? Something to ponder when reading this article: PlayStation Classic Flops on Steam Despite Strong Reviews

A friend online that works for the studio on this particular game (or so I think), gifted me a copy of this PS5 game last year. Streamed a bit of it, was impressed on the PS5 version and told myself: I’m gonna play through this. Unfortunately, game distraction set in — you know, that situation where you have so many different videogames you want to play and get distracted — and haven’t spent nearly enough time on my PS5 since buying it. I’ve wanted to, and spent a fair amount of money on games (also bought the highest PS+ sub tier), but that’s a story for another day. I did play this game and liked it, but for whatever reason/excuse/who knows did not return to it.

Back to the article in question that prompted this piece. What do you think? Is the reason a good game with strong reviews simply the PC audience not accepting it or is it that gamers really interested in this franchise are most interested in playing on the PlayStation, not on PC? The article mentions shoddy PC ports as the culprit for some games, but this one doesn’t have that issue. Will this cause Sony to keep releasing PC ports of PS5 games? Release them sooner, perhaps, shortening the PS5 exclusive window?

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