Vader4633 Shares At Home Arcade $15+ Humble Bumble for 7 Games

By Todd Russell Jul17,2023

PGM Member and Twitch moderator Vader4633 (of course you’ve seen Vader on the leaderboards!) saw and shared in the PGM Discord this good At Home Arcade deal at Humble Bumble for at least $15 these 7 games + 2 coupons:

  • The House of the Dead Remake [Steam]
  • Indiana Jones Pinball FX and FX3 Steam tables [Steam]
  • Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Edition [Steam]
  • Redout 2 [Steam]
  • River City Girls [Steam]
  • Trail Out [Steam]
  • *Terror of Hemasaurus [Steam]
  • (COUPON ONLY) Redout 2 Season Pass – 20% off
  • (COUPON ONLY) River City Girls 2 – 20% off

*The only game I already own on Steam is Terror of Hemasaurus, which is a more modern version of Rampage, allowing for 4-players instead of 3-. Have played Mortal Kombat 11 on multiple consoles and even bought the bonus characters: Rambo and Robocop. It’s selling for $59.95 on Steam regularly priced, so for that alone the $15 is worth it, IMO.

I have been waiting to buy the Indiana Jones table until it went under $10, which is a longer story, but can be summarized in my YouTube video last year below:

Haven’t played two of the other three games yet: Redout 2 (racing) and Trail Out. Will check them out. River City Girls was available on Game Pass and I checked it out there last year. That one was just … OK, but I didn’t play it a lot, if memory serves.

All said, this is pretty good Humble Bumble deal and recommended, especially for pinball and modern Mortal Kombat fans. If you like even one of the other games, the deal gets even better. Thanks Vader, who said you were on the dark side!

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