Play Games More (PlayGamesMore) or PGM for short, is a group of gamers that focus on playing games more through game-related activities like: tournaments, score chasing (see that explained in more depth below), competitive online and offline events and much more. The title is subtle, but important in what we do and are about, our credo, if you will. We are focused playing a single game or multiple games and improving skills at those game(s).

Some of our PGM members have high scores and/or world records on games. PGM Members do not need to have higher level of skill to be included in our membership, but they do need to want/desire to play games more, be at least 18 years of age (as we also focus on adult-themed/mature games). We are open and encourage membership to all adult gamers, race, creed, sexual orientation, we do not discriminate or support any sort of discrimination. We have a small, few rules: basically to keep everybody in the group focused on gaming and not other topics that can divide communities.

What does Score Chasing mean?

Score chasing is the act of beating your personal best score on any game with a score. On games without scores, it can still apply, although it doesn’t make as much sense. For example, in an MMORPG, it would be more like LEVEL-chasing, as you would work on leveling up your character(s) to max level in the game. PGM members do play games that don’t have scores

How can I share my Score Chasing with other PGM Members?

For games we are featuring, the main PGM Score Chasing Board is located here:

We also have an archive board for even more games located here: Archives

Do you have a Discord?

Yes, it is invite-only. If you are age 18+, and want to play games more, please contact any existing PGM member for an invitation

Do you do any live game streaming via Twitch, YouTube, etc?

Yes, we have several scheduled live Twitch streams each week here, please follow:

  • Tuesday 11am PST – High Noon Hollywood Polo Show (Season 2 began January 2, 2024) – Arcade, PC, boardgames and more gaming talk, games streamed and shared with Hollywood Polo
  • Wednesday 6am PST – Humpday Wednesday Pinball & Other Gaming – new pinball tournament games every week, score chasing, real pinball, PC gaming, entertainment
  • Saturday 7am PST (Season 2 runs September 9, 2023 – May 25, 2024) – Score Chasing Recap Show w/ Bradygoat

Other unannounced/unexpected live streams, giveaways and more entertainment fun happen periodically. Follow the Twitch for notification when we go live.

Giveaways? Are there game giveaways for PGM Members?

Yes. In 2023, to date we’ve given away thousands of $$ worth of games and game-related items to PGM Members and viewers of our Twitch stream. A bunch of these games have been donated by existing PGM members. Stop on by, follow, become part of what we’re doing, especially if you like games!

What is the PlayGamesMore Website for/about?

This website shares specific and general information about all types of gaming: pinball, virtual pinball, arcade, board games, dice, any type of game. The website also features some of what PGM members are sharing in the Discord. If you’d like to join our PGM Discord and are 18+ years old, please ask an existing PGM member for an invitation.

Is there any cost to become a PGM Member?

No. It is totally FREE to join and become a PGM Member. We also do periodic game and/or gift card giveaways in our Discord and on our Twitch stream. You should definitely check out what we’re up to.

Who is the editor for PGM website articles/posts?

PGM’s editor is Todd Russell (Twitter/X: Discord: todd_russell). Writers interested in submitting a game-based article for possible publication at should contact the PGM editor using Discord or Twitter/X.

Last Updated: 2/17/2024 @ 2:29am PST (GMT-8)

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