What’s Coming in IC Future? (UNOFFICIAL) + June 2024 Stern Pinball Insider Connected Quests

By Todd Russell May31,2024

It’s the morning of 5/31/2024 PST (GMT-8) and not seeing any publicly posted June 2024 Stern Insider Quests as of this writing, so did some creative sleuthing to see what might be coming out in the future for earning badges on Stern Pinball’s Insider Connected and found a few “secret” badges. Let’s go through some screenshots of badges and how to achieve them.

NOTE: These are PGM exclusives and have not been officially announced by Stern. If we told you how we learned of these, we’d have to kill you (joking people, joking). Consider what comes below merely speculative at this point.

May 31 – June 3, 2024 – Kiwi Capital Silver Ball 2024 – details here

If you’re traveling to or living in New Zealand, you can stop by the Pinball Shoppe, see their official website here: https://www.pinballshoppe.co.nz/ – this place looks like fun!

June 30, 2024: Jurassic Park quest incoming for Meteor Day 2024 (maybe, remember this is completely unofficial)

Any others/ Let us know in the comments if you sleuth some other future unannounced quests … and we’ll promise to do the same.

BTW, if you want to chat all things Stern Insider Connected, there is a good Facebook group created and administrated by Dean Stantoine called Stern Insider Connected Pinball Enthusiasts:
https://www.facebook.com/groups/892839409087535 – I’m a member of this group and have watched it grow over the last six months from a couple hundred members to 700+.

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June 2024 Insider Connected Quests (UPDATED)

4 Seasonal quests are up as of 5/31/2024 @ 11am PST:

  • June 1, 2024 Saturday – Heads or Tails – “To celebrate Flip a Coin Day on June 1st, 2024 (CST), scan and play either Black Knight: Sword of Rage (heads) or Venom (tails) and score >50,000,000 in a single game to earn this badge.”

PGM recommendation: Play Venom, it’s much easier to score 50+ million in a single game there.

  • June 17 – June 23 – Fun In The Sun – “To celebrate Summer Solstice, scan and play any IC machine between June 17-23 (CST) and score >75,000,000 in a single game to earn this badge.”

PGM recommendation: If you have a choice, go for Star Wars or Jaws, since Jaws is newer, it’s going to be easier to score higher on these two machines. If you would like a list of highest scoring machines, see: Ranking Stern Spike 2 Games by Scoring Tier +Took 900+ days to score over a billion

These are the highest scoring tier games:

  • Star Wars
  • Jaws
  • Deadpool
  • Venom
  • Jurassic Park
  • Godzilla
  • June 19 – June 22 – Feel The Music – “To celebrate World Music Day, scan and play any music-themed IC machines from June 19-22 (CST) to earn this badge. Games are: Rush, Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Aerosmith, and Beatles.

PGM recommendation: Play Iron Maiden if you can, since that’s also the global leaderboard game, but really whichever one is most convenient and closest.

  • June 30, 2024 – Don’t Look Up – “To celebrate Meteor Day (or fear it if you’re a dinosaur) on June 30, 2024, scan and play on a Jurassic Park IC machine and score of >100,000,000 in a single game to earn the badge”

PGM recommendation: Scoring 100+ million in a single game on Jurassic Park is not easy to do for casual players, but it’s doable. This is the most challenging of the June 2024 quests. Research play tips, learn the skill shots, get that T-Rex multiball and keep it alive and you’ll take home this badge on June 30, 2024.

Iron Maiden May 2024 Monthly Global Leaderboard

Good to see Iron Maiden chosen for the June 2024 leaderboard here:

We have also added this to the PGM monthly leaderboard for score chasing:

PGM Stern Insider Connected UNOFFICIAL Theme Song created by A.I!

Here’s the first stab at an unofficial Stern Insider Connected Song created 99.5% by A.I using the Suno service LISTEN HERE

Here are the complete lyrics:

Pinball lights flash bright
Scores climb high every night
Metallic sounds so tight
Bouncing balls in the fight

[Verse 2]
All around the world
Players rockin’ toes curled
Connections made untwirled
In this wild pinball swirl

Stern Insider Connected
Hands together reflected
Joy and passion injected
By this machine we’re connected

Tables buzz untamed
High scores need no name
In sync we play this game
Spreading pinball fame

[Verse 3]
Neon lights embrace
High-speed action no disgrace
Across the globe we race
Feeling that beat our hearts chase

Stern Insider Connected
Hands together reflected
Joy and passion injected
By this machine we’re connected

If you like the song, be sure to give it a thumbs up in Suno! Robot powers unite πŸ™‚

Prior Stern Insider Connected quests history by month (since they started doing monthly quests):

Ready for June Stern Pinball IC quests? Sure you are!

Since October 2023, Stern has offered quests to earn virtual badges on a monthly frequency. Here’s a historical record of our coverage. NOTE: prior to October 2023, there were other quests in 2023, like a Foo Fighters quest that spanned multiple months for a tour, but there weren’t month-specific quests. There were also some months where there were global tournaments only.

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    Great find on the new I.C. quests, are you planning to finish them all by the end of 2024? Have you heard anything about when Stern will announce the Spike 3 tables this year?

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