Stern Pinball spreads togetherness in eight February 2024 Insider Connected Quests

By Todd Russell Jan31,2024

Love is definitely in the air with no grinder quests this month!

Stern Pinball’s new February 2024 Insider Connected quests are detailed below with a Valentine’s and Super Bowl targeted. Details including strategy of which pins will favor higher scoring are included.

First up these two quests: Ball Hog! and Superb Owl (get it, Super Bowl!)

Ball Hog! – easiest one of the month: just play 10 games on any of the 23 Stern Spike 2 Insider Machines during the month of February.

Superb Owl! – this one you need to score 40 million on any Insider Connected machine during the week of the Super Bowl – February 5 – 11, 2024. Our picks for easiest machines to score 40+ million include: Star Wars, Venom, Stranger Things (15+ million just for plunging all three balls), Deadpool. Machines difficult to score this high (avoid): Beatles, TMNT

To see these quests directly on Stern Insider Connected, just visit here:

There are set of 6 love quests, involving playing with two or more players for combined score on any of the 23 Insider Connected Spike 2 Stern machines/

Key here is combined high score, with the biggest “I LUV” badge requiring a combined player score of 250 million. One player can get 250 million or you can split it 4 ways which is a little over 62 million per player if there are four playing.

UPDATE 2/4/2024 @ 3:54pm PST: Note the “I LUV” badge can only be earned when played during Valentine’s Day on 2/14/2024.

All other heart badges can be earned throughout the entire month of February 2024.

Strategy here is going to be to load up playing with others. Four players makes it easier to hit the 250 million (or less for the other badges), but if it’s just you and a pinball buddy or your significant other, then pick a machine at least one of you are good scoring high at.

For my wife, son and I, we’ll likely go after either Venom or Deadpool. If you can find or own a Star Wars, that would be the main choice for this one. We both regularly score over 200 million playing Star Wars. My highest scoring machine is Deadpool followed by Star Wars then Venom, so that’s my picking order, anyway.

Don’t forget everybody needs to scan in. I like the setup this month for quests and guessing that a Jaws-focused month will be coming in the next few months, once more machines get pumped out of the factory and into businesses and homes.

Stern is really on a roll with these Insider Connected quests. Our family are huge fans and we follow these quests here at PlayGamesMore. Since October 2023 Stern have been doing these monthly. We hope they continue this trend!

Past Insider Connected quests by month:

Good luck everybody in February 2024 sharing the love of pinball!

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2 thoughts on “Stern Pinball spreads togetherness in eight February 2024 Insider Connected Quests”
  1. It started way back in May June July 2023 with the mega 30 badges over 2.5 months. One for every time Foo Fighters played in concert!

    Join on FB to see all the action:
    Stern INSIDER CONNECTED enthusiasts!

    1. Yes, remember that and collected a few of those Foo badges 🙂 Been in the program since 2021, but that isn’t monthly, really, and they didn’t do anything themed in August or September. They started the themed monthly stuff in October with the Jurassic Park Dino DNA quests and have been monthly themed ever since. Hope they keep doing the monthly themed stuff 🙂

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