Stern Insider Connected December 2023 Quests for Virtual Badges Details, Game on!

By Todd Russell Nov30,2023

At least based on the last two months, it’s looking like this play Stern pinball Insider Connected machines to earn virtual badges is becoming a monthly thing.

THIS MONTH – December 2023 quests (link) include:

  • Sci-Fi “O” My 2023 – “Play on any Insider Connected Sci-Fi themed machine during December 2023 and score > 20,000,000 pts. to earn this badge. Eligible games include Godzilla, Jurassic Park, Mandalorian, Star Wars, & Stranger Things.”
  • Stay Frosty 2023 – “Play 10 games on any Insider C onnected machines during the month of December 2023 to earn this badge.”

Also, Stern has teased three more quests, bringing the total to *5* December 2023 quests. Here’s the promo/teaser:

As of this writing, there are not many details on what specifically is required to earn these whopping 29(!!!) badges, but three games clearly are being featured: James Bond 007, Godzilla and Venom.

Venom’s badges are earned at scoring intervals as shown/explained below and here: Stern Insider | Venom Quest (

UPDATE 12/2/2023 @ 8:30pm PST: via Stern Pinball’s Twitter/X account, they have clarified that the Venom score threshold are cumulative. This makes the 1-10 billion score badges much more attainable, because your scores are combined across all Venom plays for the month of December. Here are the milestones that you’ll earn each badge:

200 million – RIOT
500 million – PHAGE
750 million -AGONY

1 billion – LASHER
5 billion – CARNAGE
10 billion – KNULL

I’ve earned two already, so just play Venom whereever you see it this month to add up your score. Cool quest, this month!

007 7 days of James Bond details posted at Stern– event starts Thursday December 7, 2023:

Only one of the 007 quests requires playing each of the seven days, several of the others can be completed in a single visit playing James Bond and one of them involves playing other Stern Insider Connected machines besides James Bond.

Stern Insider | Godzilla Quest ( – for those that don’t own a Godzilla pinball machine, we’ll have to go on location on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in order to earn the 12 days in a row badge and the King of All Monsters badge once collecting every other badge (sneaky there, Santa Stern!). Since my personal best isn’t 500 million, that one is probably the standout concern for me, as we do have businesses nearby that have Godzilla on site. Assuming the Godzilla pin at those locations is working, we should be good on that.

All three of these machines are readily available in our area, and hopefully they are in yours.

When more specific details on these quests are added/announced, this post will be updated, so you can bookmark and return here and/or keep checking the Stern quests/event page here: Stern Insider | Stern Events (

Let’s recap past Stern Insider Connected quests over the last 90 days:

BONUS – there is a month long December 2023 (also starts today, November 30, 2023) Foo Fighters global leaderboard here:

Stern Insider | Game Location | Global Foo Fighters Leaderboard (

These events are a lot of fun and make you want to get out and play Stern pinball. Are you enjoying these quests? How many badges have you earned to date? Let us know in the comments and happy flipping to you!

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