Summer 2024 Pinball PlayGamesMore Event: Visit Multiple Insider Connected Locations

By Todd Russell May18,2024

As Season 2 of Score Chasing is coming to an end, here’s a summer 2024 event that piggybacks on a stat for the Stern Pinball Insider Connected Year In Review: number of different IC pinball locations.

EXAMPLE. Here’s a copy of my 2023 year in review for pinball with locations stat circled:

How the event works

Event Begins: Saturday May 18, 2024
Event Ends: Friday September 6, 2024

  1. Starting today, May 18, 2024, simply visit and play at least one game at any Insider Connected location. You can find a list of locations usine Stern’s locator service here: and/or Pinball Map (see: Traveling? Here is Where To Find Pinball)6
  2. Keep track of how many different locations you’ve visited. You can record them old fashioned with a notebook, online with a spreadsheet (see Google template here you can use:, on your phone with notepad, etc. Any way to keep track of the locations visited.
  3. At the end of summer when the event ends on Friday September 6, 2024 at midnight, share in the comments below on this post how many locations you’ve visited.
  4. BONUS: continue to record how many IC locations you’ve visited throughout 2024. This should matchup on your future 2024 Year In Review report from Stern.

Pretty simple, eh? Travel around, record where you play in/around your area or when you’re vacationing this summer. There are 24 Stern IC machines as of this writing to play.

For PGM members, there is a Discord event created to show interest in participating. You do not need to be a PGM member to participate in this event, it is open to any reader of

There is probably at least one at a business near you. Have fun and hope to see a big number of pinball locations from you for this event!

UPDATE 5/18/2024 @ 9:54pm PST: List of pinball locations to pay cover charge only, no coin-drop: Please post pinball places near you that only have a cover charge/no coin drop : r/pinball (

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