New Karate Kid 2024 Movie is Coming Featuring Ralph Macchio and Jackie Chan + will Chan be added to Cobra Kai Game?

Will Jackie Chan become a playable character in Cobra Kai beat em up game (Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues)? Maybe, maybe not. Read on, there’s news afoot on the movie side of this franchise ….

If you haven’t seen Cobra Kai, it’s all the rage for fans of the original Karate Kid movies, building upon the history of characters from the first three movies and adding new younger actors, it’s good TV and recommended.

Ralph Macchio as Daniel Larusso and William Zabka who played Johnny Lawrence meet again. The only one who couldn’t take part was Pat Morita that played Mr. Miyagi, who passed away before it started filming. Netflix took it over from YouTube where it first appeared, and they have five seasons in the can with a final sixth season to wrap it in a bow.

With Morita gone, Hollywood tried did what Hollywood does and semi-rebooted/refreshed the original film with Jackie Chan as the new Mr. Han along with Will Smith’s son Jaden as Han’s protege in 2010. It did 359 million at the box office against a budget of 40 million, but not another movie since then has appeared.

That is, until now, when a brand new film in the series has been greenlit by Sony which will star both Ralph Macchio as Daniel Larusso and Jackie Chan as Han, possibly blurring the lines between the reboot, original films and Cobra Kai TV show.

via CNN:

Macchio and Chan appeared in a YouTube video on Tuesday morning in support of the new film being announced and to launch a casting search for the next young star of the franchise.

Next June will mark the 40th anniversary of the first “Karate Kid,”

Karate Kid will be in theaters from Sony in December 13, 2024

Kinda interesting that none of the actors in the Netflix TV show are being considered for the movie? Or maybe they are the fallback option? It hasn’t even begun filming yet, but they must have some kind of script or they wouldn’t be promising a release date. Then again, release dates can and very much do get bumped so if casting and/or other things get taken to the mat, do not hold too strong on that promoted release date.

Back to the other question that led this article. What’s the chances of a playable Jackie Chan character in the game Cobra Kai? If indeed this movie does get released as planned, they just might have another Cobra Kai game. The first Cobra Kai was good, I played and enjoyed. The second Cobra Kai: Dojo Rising was released November 2022 and was met with mixed Steam reviews (personally haven’t played it yet, but reading the reviews isn’t an encouraging sign). Maybe there will be a third, perhaps in tandem with Sony’s new movie and could include a playable Jackie Chan. Or maybe DLC for the existing games?

Are you excited about this movie? Will you be seeing it in the theater? Have you played either of the two Cobra Kai games? Did you like them?

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