Delorean with 977 Miles Being Restored After Sitting in Wisconsin Barn for 20+ Years

By Todd Russell Nov16,2023

Mice in a Wisconsin barn need to look for a new home, as a Delorean with only 977 miles is now undergoing restoration according to ‘Absolute Time Capsule’ Found in Wisconsin Barn:

“We believe it had been parked for around 20 years, so long it had began to sink into the ground,” the post notes of the DeLorean, seen covered in dirt and dust. “The pictures don’t do justice for how filthy this thing is.” McElhattan tells CBS 58 that he was tipped off to the car by a phone call from New Mexico, and that despite its grimy appearance, it was probably a blessing it had been hidden away in the barn all those years. “The condition of the leather, the condition of the instruments … and a lot of places where you see sun damage—and that’s one of the big killers on this—this car virtually has no sun damage,” he says.

After reading this article, I was immediately reminded of seeing that Steam DLC for the game PowerWash Simulator ( where you can, yes, clean the Delorean. It is available for sale today, November 16, 2023, so put your wallets away, but here’s a teaser for what it looks like:

Certainly the folks restoring this barn-grimed D will need to do some major cleaning, but what a find! The article says once this car is restored it could fetch six figures.

Most reading probably know the Delorean was Marty McFly’s time traveling vehicle in a famous 80s comedy. This author is a huge fan of Back to The Future, giving it a rather easy 5 out of 5 stars review on Letterboxd ( We’ve also covered it here in a post before: “88 MILES PER HOUR?!!!!!” – Back To The Future VPX … Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads – in that was a Planet Coaster Steam DLC for Back To The Future. I’m interested in playing around with that, too, at some point. Do like when favorite movies and other IP are incorporated into games whether it be pinball machines designed like them or games as mentioned herein.

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