Star Trek The Arcade Game + Roddenberry Story Idea Similar to Stephen King Novel

By Todd Russell May30,2024

photo credit: Arcade-Museum

A Sega game in 1982, vector-based was Star Trek. It was only in one arcade that I remember back in those days, but I did enjoy playing the game. These days finding a working arcade cabinet of Star Trek would really be something.

Apparently, there was even a sit down version, which I never saw anywhere that is pictured atop this article. If you saw and played this in the arcade, let us know in the comments.

From the just when you thought you’d heard everything about Star Trek movies department comes this zinger:

When a follow-up to “Motion Picture” was still in development, “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry had a wild idea that, sadly, was never used. According to William Shatner’s memoir “Star Trek Movie Memories,” Roddenberry had written a story wherein Klingons go back in time to 1963 and prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Kirk and Co. would have to use the living time portal, the Guardian of Forever, to travel back in time and ensure it happened. Evidently, the pitch was so wild, and “Motion Picture” was such a financial disappointment, that Roddenberry was removed from the project. 

William Shatner’s Idea For Star Trek II Would Have Altered The Course Of The Franchise (

When hearing this plotline, I thought immediately about Stephen King’s novel 11/22/63 (that was the original title, since changed to 22/11/63) which involves a man who travels through a time portal in a diner to go back and try and prevent the assassination of JFK. On Hulu you can watch a multi-part TV series adaptation of King’s novel starring James Franco.

I enjoyed King’s novel which had a great love story in it, as well, and the TV series adaptation was good, as well.

Am glad that history yielded the most excellent Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan, starring Ricardo Montalban, returning his role as Khan from the Star Trek TV series episode “Space Seed.” His epic scream, “KHAN!” holds a humorous place in our Twitch streams from time to time, as a stand-in for anger and frustration when playing games.

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