Play Guess The Word #3 Star Wars Edition

By Todd Russell May5,2024

Star Wars May month continues, and we’re going to feature this month games on Sunday, all free-to-play, within the universe here at PGM.

You have only five guesses to correctly identify the Star Wars related word below. It is five characters and in the style of Wordle (, if you’ve ever played that popular game. It’s one of the most popular games in the world, played every day via The New York Times.

May the force be with you! (and no, “force” is not the 5-letter word).

Did you solve it within the allowed number of guesses? Keep the answer to yourself, but please share in the comments how long it took for your correct guess. If you’d like to play other Guess The Word games here at PGM, they’re listed here:

Happy gaming to all!

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