Use Pinball Browser to Modify Your Stern SPIKE Pinball Machine

By Todd Russell Nov28,2023

Yes, you can modify Stern Spike 2 pinball systems — or so it seems — with Pinball Browser:

Pinball Browser, created by French Pinsider, Olivier (aka: OGA83), is your godsend tool to customise and personalise your Stern Whitestar, SAM and SPIKE firmware based pinball machines to your liking. Pinball Browser allows you to access, modify, add, remove sounds, images, videos, messages, adjustments and of course, high scores tables. So if you want to ensure you are the Grand Champion on your Stern The Walking Dead pinball machine, get this great software tool and get creative!

via Ausretrogamer ( Note: since this author does not own a Stern Spike pinball machine as of this writing, I can’t try this out and report on the experience, but it seems from reading up about it on Pinside, that a number of people have used it successfully. DISCLAIMER: Am pretty much certain mods like these void some kind of warranty, so there’s always that to consider when tinkering around with your multi-thousands dollar machine.

@playgamesmore Iron Maden: Legacy of the Beast (virtual pinball) this one looks and plays great in 4K. You can also add additional Iron Maiden songs. I still like the real Stern pinball machine better, but this is still fun to play. A lot if these vpins make me want to play more real pinball. #virtualpinball #ironmaiden #music ♬ original sound – playgamesmore

My interest in this program is for making a mod like I did for the virtual pinball version of Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast, including additional songs and custom cover art to the songs that come with the game. If I ever have a real machine, this is one I’d strongly consider adding. For the billions of us on earth that don’t own Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast, Google is your friend for finding the virtual pinball mod I’m talking about herein.

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