TIME-SENSITIVE – November 2023 Stern Pinball Insider Connected Quests: Godzilla Day, George Gomez Spotlight and The Heroes Quest

By Todd Russell Nov3,2023

An update for Stern Pinball November 2023 events.

Stern regularly runs Insider Connected pinball events (https://insider.sternpinball.com/insider/events) to gather virtual badges. Last month you could earn the Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary badge by playing five different days, racking up scores playing the Stern Pinball Insider Connected Quest October 2 – 31, 2023: Jurassic Park Dino DNA. This month Stern is offering, so far, three new quests for November 2023:

The most time sensitive quest is for the Godzilla Day badge on Friday, November 3, 2023. In order to earn that, you just need to login with your Stern Insider Connected QR code on any Godzilla game on 11/3/2023. We have multiple Godzillas on location around here, so will be picking that up today.

The other two quests are month long November quests as follows:

George Gomez Spotlight – “Scan your QR Code and play two Insider Connected games designed by George Gomez. Eligible Gomez games include James Bond 007, Deadpool, and Batman ’66!” – NOTE: to earn this you, need to play two of the three different machines.

The Heroes Quest – “Scan your QR Code and play three Insider Connected games with superheroes! Eligible games include Venom, Guardians of the Galaxy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Avengers: Infinity Quest, Deadpool & Batman ’66!” NOTE: to earn this badge, you need to play three different machines of the six mentioned.

Bolding above is by me, to indicate the Insider Connected machines in our area that are close by to play, but you can make your own list by locating pinball machines near you (see: Traveling? Here is Where To Find Pinball).

Collecting these virtual badges are fun. They get you out and about, or for those lucky enough to own some/more/all of these machines, return to play them at home. Do you enjoy collecting these badges? Let us know in the comments and happy flipping to you in November!

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