Stern New In Box Dealer Discount: $2,000 USD off TMNT Premium at GameRoomGuys (LIMITED TIME OFFER)

By Todd Russell Nov1,2023

A bonus, time sensitive share: $1,000, $2,000 off new in box Stern Pinball machines? Yeah, those are some numbers to pause and think about – and pass along, if they can be confirmed, anyway. Alas, it’s not for Godzilla or Iron Maiden, definitely not the newest machine Venom, but does involve Spike 2 Stern.

Easy to tell what games aren’t selling as well, or is it? Here come some Stern NIB dealer sales via Jason at Knapparcade:

Stern Pinball distributors have begun advertising discounts on three New In Box pinball machines, $1,000 off Led Zeppelin Pro and $2,000 off Led Zeppelin Premium and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Premium 🐢. I’ve seen a number of distributors advertising discounts on these games, so seems like some sort of Stern-authorized promotion. This is the first time that I’ve seen specific discounts advertised for NIB pins in a while.

NOTE: This was from five days ago, so did some digging to see if these prices were still holding at GameRoomGuys ( and saw TMNT Premium still selling for $7,499, indeed $2,000 off as of this writing (11/1/2023), but no Led Zep Premium at that price available. By the time you read this, this price may/may not be available, just FYI.

Checked our local distributor, Nitro Pinball, and no deals showing for either (no Stern NIB deals, whatsoever), so perhaps this is limited to a small few distributors that are sitting on excess inventory. Neither of these two machines are among this author’s favorite Spike 2 Sterns (see: 13 Most Recent Stern Pinball Machines Manufactured Ranked By Play Fun Factor), but anybody reading is in the hunt for either of these two NIB Stern, this seems like a deal worth passing along. Check your favorite local pinball distributor.

Should add that I think $7,000 or less is what the Stern Premium prices should regularly be priced, and the Pros at $4-5k. LE at $8-9k sounds much better than $13k, but that is merely this author’s opinion and those inside Stern would likely disagree. Have heard others make similar statements, however, including existing owners of Spike 2 Stern pinball machines. Pinside surely is blowing up over deals like this. I’m thinking 2024, if not more deals like this or perhaps even better, could be ahead. Yes, maybe even on the games we are most interested in.

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