Steam Halloween 2023 Sale October 26 – November 2 – Steam Scream The Revenge

By Todd Russell Oct29,2023

Throughout the year, Steam is well known for having many sales events. The current one, as of this writing is, the Halloween/horror-themed sale they are calling Steam Scream The Revenge ( The sale event separates pages into categories shown below:

Here are the Steam Scream category links:

Discounts up to 95% off regular prices.

Free To Play
Self-explanatory, a lot of horror-themed free games. Beware of microtransactions in some games here.

Steam Deck
If you own a Steam Deck, this is a slick category breakout to peruse.

Horror-themed VR sounds about as atmospheric as could get.

Free Demos
This category and the last one deal with games that either aren’t released yet or are available now with a playable demo.

Games not released yet. Some have release dates, too.

As of this writing, I’ve done a tiny bit of shopping. Capcom is running a Halloween sale ( through Steam concurrently and was able to get the rest of the Mortal Kombat 11 ultimate and Injustice Legendary edition for under $10, so jumped on that.

Otherwise, am still shoppping and open to recommendations from others. With that in mind, what horror/Halloween-themed games in this sale are you interested in? Share in the comments.

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