How to Spend Steam Points for Halloween and/or Other Profile Items

By Todd Russell Oct31,2023

Halloween is a time of dressing up and wearing costumes whether it be for attending social events and/or when younger, trick or treating. This is a perfect time to tune up your Steam profile with virtual costumes.

Every time you buy something at Steam, you earn Steam Points. These points can be used to buy items to cuztomize your Steam profile. IF you forgot/forget about where this is locatedin Steam, this article is for you. Bookmark this link:

To see how many Steam points you have earned, visit here: here is my summary as of this writing:

How to earn Steam points? You earn them by buying stuff through the Steam store and earn from awards for reviews and other activities and awards on Steam. From above, you can see I’ve by far earned the most from purchases made, over $3,000 USD worth to date. I haven’t spent very many points. The How Steam Points Work page is here:

It is possible to award other Steam users points based on something they’ve done. You can see award badges you can buy and award to others here:

Armed with this knowledge, now you can see how many Steam points you have accumulated and, maybe for some, never spent any. Let’s explore some ideas for how others have spent their Steam points.

I took time to peruse the profiles of my friends and some other PGM members and see which ones are customizing their profile, and what specific customizations they’re using. Let’s start with how my Steam profile looked before this article was written and then I’m going to modify it based on what I’m seeing my friends doing and/or what looks creative, cool and/or unique. My Steam profile is located here:

To breakdown what is being customized on my profile pictured above:

1. Background – Halloween – customize your background by searching through and picking backgrounds here: – In the past I’ve purchased and used alternate backgrounds like Asteroids Deluxe when we kicked off Season 2 of Score Chasing (see: Score Chasing Season 2 Week 1 – Asteroids Deluxe (Arcade) – How to Join Us, Play, Beat Your Personal Best) and Twilight Zone (my favorite classic TV series of all time.
2. Avatar Frame – TV – Steam avatar frames are located here:

Not showne on my profile, I’ve also bought alternate virtual keyboards for my Steam Deck. These keyboard interfaces you can buy with points are located here:

You can also buy startup movies with points here: but save your points and check out this third party site for a virtual boatload of startup movie options:

To increase space on your Steam profile, you can purchase showcases here: – this will let you share/hightlight Steam reviews you’ve written, workshop items created, share a rare game achievement and much, much more.

Next, I ventured into my friend’s list to see what friends were doing (or not doing) with their Steam profiles. As if thia writing, I had 67 Steam friends. Steam makes it easy to see all your friend profile page links at a glance here: – replace YOUR_STEAM_USERNAME with your Steram name. It will show a page of your friennds broken into three sections: PLAYING (currently playing a game), ONLINE (online, but not playing at the moment) and OFFLINE, which means they aren’t running Steam at that moment in time, but not necessarily that they are offline.

My steam friend Gerad is using an animated background, a custom image of a car with him inside it (he likes cars, yes) and an animated Steam frame. He is also using the rarest achievement showcase as a feature on his profile. Hollywood Polo has the same animated background and features his most played game Dungeons & Dragons with 9,285 hours played.

Sonicmaster321 has a good collection of badges and features on his profile:

darthoctane is sporting an outdoors Steam profile and a cool mechanical eye avatar.

Gamernix has a lightning bolt background with an animated frame. I’m noticing a pattern that several of us are following: we like the animated avatar frame and background.

joesoap, a great pinball player, from Australia has one of the most impressive Steam profiles. Looks like he put some effort into customizing several parts of it.

skitzoskippa’s profile is definitely creepy with the flashing skulls and bizarre Twilight Zone-like avatar image (sidenote: I’ve used the Twilight Zone background on my Steam profile, but his image looks like something that could be a symbol in the opening).

ADVMSKY is going full Anime with his profile.

Are you customizing your Steam profile? If so, share how in the comments. Would love to hear how others are customizaing their Steam profiles in unique and/or creative ways. Are you spending your accrued Steam points? Do you forget you even have Steam points?

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