Season 2 of Halo (TV Series) Now Streaming on Paramount+

By Todd Russell Feb19,2024

Halo: Combat Evolved, the game, was first released on the Xbox in 2001, with the sequel Halo 2 arriving in 2004. That makes the franchise like 23+ years old. It’s been through the teens, it’s grown up, it’s more than just combat evolved, it’s gamer tested.

For those concerned recently about the cosmic horrors of Microsoft releasing Halo on the PS5, you can relax for the time being: Halo isn’t going anywhere.

The game, that is. There is a TV show that’s in its second season streaming on Paramount+.

In 2022, Showtime released the first season of the TV Series Halo. Now in 2024, comes season 2 with 8 episodes on Paramount+, beginning February 8 2024 and the last episode releasing March 21, 2024.

With the galaxy on the brink of destruction, Master Chief John-117 leads his team of Spartans against the alien threat known as the Covenant

Halo (TV Series 2022– ) – IMDb

This world takes place in 2552 with the first episode, “Covenant” having a run time of 59 minutes. Pretty meaty content for a series based on the popular Xbox game.

Recently, I watched the first episode and it drew me in enough to want to watch more. Was surprised that unlike The Mandalorian, which were more like 40 minute episodes, these are meatier time-wise and dare I say: more dramatic? Mando’s first season is much more action-oriented and faster-paced.

Am planning to watch more. Would not call this a recommendation to other readers, and if you’re a huge Halo fan you already know more than this author. Have you seen this Halo TV series before? If not, any interest? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Todd are a big fan of the paramont Channel in general or would just resub to watch Halo Season 2? I’m curious…

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