Chuck E Cheese Game Show to Feature Playing Oversized Pinball and, sigh, Ticket Redemption

By Todd Russell Mar2,2024

Yes, you read that headline right: Chuck E Cheese is working on a TV show that will feature contestants playing oversized Pinball, Skeeball, Air Hockey and the Human Claw.

Think my favorite part of Chuck E Cheese are the giant costume characters walking around, the little shows they do on a stage. Readers might expect me to say the games, but the games are mostly …

Ticket redemption. Won’t ever hide my personal bias on most ticket games versus actual arcade games. Yes, they are good at making money on location for vendors, way better than pinball. It’s a painful reality to gamers but the reason smaller arcades tend to be overrun with ticket redemption and don’t have pinball.

And now a game show that’s pushing the whole ticket redemption era of arcades, not pinball, skeeball, air hockey or, well, arcade games for score chasing … but for tickets. Tickets!

The teams that earn the most “tickets” will get to exchange those tickets for prizes from a massive version of the classic Chuck E. Cheese prize wall.

There’s a Chuck E. Cheese game show in development: Here’s what we know (

In fairness, Chuck E. Cheese has long had ticket redemption games, along with pizza that doesn’t taste very good (go ahead, use the comments if you like the their pizza). The problem with ticket redemption games is they tend to push out arcade games and real world pinball.

It’s interesting to read that this show will feature any kind of pinball, because I’ve never been to a Chuck E. Cheese that had any pinball machines. Are there any? Had to consult search engine to try and find any. Maybe my searches sucked, because did not find any.

What do you think of these new proposed Chuck E. Cheese TV game show?

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One thought on “Chuck E Cheese Game Show to Feature Playing Oversized Pinball and, sigh, Ticket Redemption”
  1. Closest to pinball was Baby Pacman, and those were at Showbizz Pizza.(Similar to chuck e, and eventually bought by the rat)

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