Play Robocop vs. Predator FREE on PC in Game Boy style game

By Todd Russell Jan25,2024

Fan-made, this free game for PC, combines two great IPs in battle against each other that we have been denied to date on the big screen: Robocop vs. Predator.

Joypad or Keyboard (some pads are not compatible with Clickteam fusion, but you can easily config any controller using JoToKey or similar free apps to configure them)
-A jump,
-S shot,
-Arrows move/aim
-ENTER (accept)
-ESC (quit)
-P (pause)

Robocop Vs Predator by Oscar Celestini SHOP (

Get them, Robo!

My general disappointment with playing the new Robocop game late in 2023 (Launching November 2, 2023 – Robocop: Rogue City – Alex Murphy Edition 48 hours early access) was not that it wasn’t passion-driven by the developer (the contrary!) but wasn’t fully open world and arcade-y enough (becoming a pet phrase of mine to describe modern games missing arcade roots).

This game, however, seemed to have both, so I checked it out. What I found was a game that instantly reminded me of a Game Boy game. The kind of game that once upon a time in the past, I would have played and played and played. On a PC in green or black and white doesn’t have the same magic as holding a Game Boy and playing this type of game that way.

It plays fine with an Xbox Gamepad on the PC. You load the EXE then choose “J” for joypad, start the game and play from there.

Also, didn’t see the Predator or any type of scoring, which kind of bugged me. The second level is brutally hard. There does appear to be endless continues, so am sure if I keep at it, could power through.

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