Launching Feb 22, 2024 Pacific Drive

By Todd Russell Jan30,2024

There are probably less than 25 new games a year I get truly excited about checking out, but Pacific Drive (Steam, PS5) is one of them for a variety of reasons.

Perhaps, it just local interest, but the setting for this game is in/around our home area in Washington State. The idea of a playing a game that your car is what takes the damage and isn’t a racing game and sort of an open world of sorts definitely piques the curiosity.

Here’s some 4K video of gameplay:

It’s giving me the Smith’s Grove sanitarium station wagon that Michael Myers from Halloween drove around vibe, only we as the gamer get to upgrade and drive it. See for yourself below.

Now check out Michael Myers’ stolen ride:

Ok, so maybe it’s not a horror-specific vehicle, but it’s an interesting choice.

Probably my biggest disappointment with expectation for this game is that it is only single player. Maybe some kind of co-op player support will be added? As learned from games like Lethal Company (Lethal Company horror game launched October 2023 has 71,000+ Overwhelmingly Positive Steam Reviews), this really adds to the fun when you can invite friends to play as well.

Are you looking forward to playing Pacific Drive? Check out at launch? Wait and see what others think? Some interest, no interest? Share in the comments.

UPDATE 2/22/2024 @ 8:38pm PST: Purchased and planning to take for first time test drive tomorrow morning as well as stream live on Twitch:

Have looked forward to this one, hope it doesn’t disappoint!

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