Clicking a Banana over and over again, is this really a game?

By Todd Russell May31,2024

Do you try and keep an open mind to different genres of games? Or are you set on what you like and won’t budge on things that seem way outside the norm?

Like this game that’s rising in the Steam DB charts about, yes, clicking a banana. That’s it, really. Click it anywhere, a counter goes up, you may or may not get an item that you can then trade back to the Steam marketplace.

Banana game on Steam:

Scratching your head? Saying this can’t be a game? And to be even remotely popular in the sea of games? Well, this is not fiction. Welcome to 2024.

PC Gamer folks were confused as well. So, they dug around and found a growing interest in a genre of gaming on Steam involving the trading of items from user activity.

The real games attached to Egg and Banana have precious little to do with the software. Instead, they have everything to do with Steam items. You might have a few of these suckers sitting in your Steam inventory as we speak—earned by playing games you own, these items can be sold on the marketplace for cash that goes into your Steam wallet or traded 1:1. 

‘Banana’, a game where you rapidly click on a jpeg of a banana and nothing else, has an all-time peak of 31,124 players on Steam—here’s why | PC Gamer

In this case, the game is the exploration for the item that might popup. It’s the open a bunch of cash boxes thing all over again, isn’t it? Well, in a different form.

Hmm. I try to keep an open mind for different types of games. This type is escaping me, somewhat. I don’t want to click a banana or egg or whatever to get some item and then trade or sell it on Steam. But then I don’t play games to make money. This is my hangup with crypto games, at least in theory, they seem to focus on the making money part more than the having fun playing games part. Or leave it up to the gamer that says, “yeah, I’d love to do both!”

Would you? Do you want to have an enjoyable time playing a game or make money and enjoy a game? Maybe the two are not possible together. Maybe they are? I tried Banana out and it lasted about 1,000 clicks or so and I started thinking about thousands of other games, real games, waiting, begging to be played. Bananas are better eaten or put into shakes than endlessly clicked.

What say you?

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