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By Todd Russell Aug22,2023

Created some 9+ years ago, here’s one gigantic sinkhole of virtual pinball at Pinside: Pinside Virtual Pinball Club ( that includes pics of a TON of different vpin machines. Some are clearly homebrew, some more professional, some in between, some hybrid arcade-pinball, some not in cabs at all. Yowas, it’s a mecca of vpins to check out across nearly the last decade

Why do I feel like I’ve missed out on the virtual pinball cabinet revolution looking back through these? Maybe because I didn’t buy or play one until 2021 and I didn’t play or own a 4K one until earlier this year. It’s all very interesting looking through what others have done with their virtual pinball hardware.

What’s interesting is note by looking at this is just how varied people are in choosing a non-traditional pinball cab setup. There are plenty of vpins that are in cab mode and made to look like real pinball tables. Check out this kitchen table, doubling as a vpin (along the left, credit: pinballdork).

One type of table not pictured is using an older pinball as a cabinet for a virtual pincab and there are several examples of that. Another thing I noticed is that a fair number of machines do not have a plunger. I don’t have one (yet) setup on my open 4K pinball setup.

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