Play Word Search – Zaccaria Pinball Machines Part 2 of 2

Have you played any of the Zaccaria pinball machines? At pinball shows I’ve seen and played a small few of them, but they are somewhat rare in the United States, at least in/around our are (Seattle, WA). Fortunately, there are digital recreations available.

The Steam Summer 2024 sale is running at the time this is published — ending soon, too — and the Starter Pack (82% off), Starter Pack Plus and Platinum Edition (PGM recommended) bundle are on sale here:

Below is part 2 of 2 for the word search containing the remaining *21 of the 47 Zaccaria pins. There are actually two pins missing: Pinball Champ 82 (1982) and New Stars Phoenix (1987, and the last ever Zaccaria pinball machine manufactured) – only because the words would be duplicated in the puzzle. If you’d like to complete part 1 first, it’s located here:

Can you find them all in record time?

Share your best time in the comments!

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