March 19 National 3D Day + Play VR AR 3D Games + Watch 3D Movies

By Todd Russell Mar19,2024

Today is the day to play 3D games. A wide variety of options, too: VR and AR with the new Apple Vision Pro, for those that own one (although it doesn’t sound as game-friendly, see: Apple Vision Pro Owner INTERVIEW: “Definitely Wouldn’t Recommend for Gamers” says PGM Member Mike DG). Also, the new Stern Pinball Jaws has a 3D video mode with separate leaderboard.

The invention of 3.D. movies, comic books, holography, and other methods of viewing 3.D. representations of the world occurred during the 20th century. Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies have opened up new ways to create and interact with 3.D. material. Because of the cost and techniques required to produce and broadcast 3.D. pictures, they had been mainly limited to a niche in the motion picture industry since 1915. Nonetheless, 3.D. films were quite popular in American cinema in the 1950s, and they had a worldwide renaissance in the 1980s.

NATIONAL 3-D DAY – March 19, 2024 – National Today

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