FRIENDLY REMINDER – Don’t Lose Your Oculus VR Purchases, Migrate to Meta before 3/29/2024

By Todd Russell Mar28,2024

If you have not setup a Meta account yet to migrate over your Oculus purchase history and you actually bought some VR games from the Oculus store, this is a friendly reminder to get this done before 3/29/2024.

Hat tip to: Meta Will Delete Oculus Accounts at the End of March (

The process is relatively painless, just did it myself recently. No, I’m not a huge fan of Facebook/Meta, but have two different Oculus devices, the Oculus Go and Oculus Quest 2. I didn’t buy the Meta Quest 3 (yet) and no plans to do so, but don’t like the idea that games I bought will no longer be accessible, hence the reason I migrated.

With your new Meta account you do not have to have it linked to Facebook or Instagram if you don’t want to. This might appeal to some (many?). So, this might be another thing to look at when you check out your Meta account and make sure all is well with past Oculus purchases.

Your Meta orders page for digital products (games!) is located here:

Make sure you see the Oculus games at the link above before 3/29/2024.

Meta has a VR subscription game service called Meta Quest+ for $59.95 a year or $7.99/month available here:

As part of the Meta Quest+ sub, you receive two new games selected by Meta each month. The problem, similar to Playstation+, is that any games you’ve acquired during your subscription are only accessible while you have an active subscription. Yes, you could generate a library of games that when you do subscribe becomes available, but this is yet another rental plan which may or may not allow access to games to play somewhere in the future.

Readers can decide whether or not this is worthwhile. Me? Don’t do enough VR gaming as of this writing to justify, although did see some past games they’ve offered and looked fun to play. Generally my experience with VR games, physical discomfort aside, has been positive. Some tell me it’s the “best way” to play certain types of games. Again, for those without physical limitations and/or discomfort, it’s compelling.

Anyway, back to the primary purpose of this article: friendly reminder for those that have purchased Oculus games in the past, make sure you have your account migrated to Meta before 3/29/2024.

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