The Princess Bride Sets New Pricing High for P3 Module Pricing: $1,500 Deposit, $5,000 for LE, $3,750 for Standard

By Todd Russell Feb19,2024

Holy game module pricing, Batman!

Before we get to the newest game — and pricing — in Multimorphic ( P3 land, if you’re not familiar with this pinball platform, it’s unique. Kind of a pinball modder/gadget developer’s tool in that you can create your own games. It’s a combination of virtual and real physical pinball. We first covered the P3 here: P3 Multimorphic Pinball = 2/3 Virtual, 1/3 Physical Pin – Swappable Games. The idea that you could buy one pinball from them and add a library of physical-virtual hybrid games is curious. It might not be for everybody, but if you have a chance to play a P3, check out and play.

Now, onto Multimorphic’s newest game: The Princess Bride.

Multimorphic is confusing me somewhat with The Princess Bride marketing. It’s a cool-looking theme and good IP to make a pinball game on, but they got to settle on their pricing for these modules, because they are all over the place: hobbyist game modules anywhere from a hundred bucks to the Multmorphic game kits that start at $3,000 and go up. $3,200, $3,400 (Final Resistance), $3,500 (Weird Al) and now The Princess Bride ($3,750) for the standard, which is new, because the Limited Edition will cost $5,000.

That’s right, game modules, not even complete pinball machines — after all, you still need to own the P3 Pinball Machine to be able to play this game — are now being made in Limited and Collector’s Editions!

Multiple editions of both console and PC games are not a new concept, but I’m not aware of this being done for physical pinball games ever before. Readers should decide if this is a good idea or not.

Let’s take a look at Multimorphic’s The Princess Bride feature breakdown between the three editions (they don’t specify pricing for the Kollector’s Edition). Only that only 500 will be made. Only 750 of the LE’s will be made.

photo credit: Multimorphic

Getting a topper and a translite for the LE definitely adds more value, but is it just me that thinks these toppers are severly overpriced? Guess Multimorphic wants to chew on some of this pinball expansion fat.

But let’s get back to the attempted stealth marketing for The Princess Bride.

Last week Multimorphic had this teaser video where they didn’t say Princess Bride was a P3 module, leaving it to viewers to guess which platform Princess Bride was going to be on. Only problem: many have known it was going to be a P3 module.

A secret about something is much more viral-inducing when it’s actually a secret.

The whole marketing for Princess Bride sets me off somewhat. If you’re going on P3, why not start it out and push it proudly … instead a week ago it’s like some stealth platform promotion … like ooooo, you guys must wait to see where this sweet IP is going to show up.

Who didn’t know this was going to be a P3 module? Own it! It’s like they didn’t even want to admit it was on their platform from the get-go. You don’t see teaser vids like this from any other pinball company … at least I don’t remember any. Do you?

If I were a P3 owner, I’d be disappointed that the company I put money in didn’t think it was important to be immediately proud of their newest IP on their signature platform. It doesn’t really make any sense. Be proud of your platform … or not. My reaction to the week before marketing is the latter.

It’s like hearing a new Porsche racing car is coming, but only showing a closeup of the paint and not saying it’s a Porsche.

(ok, that’s a terrible analogy, but you smart readers get it)

Haven’t seen this teaser vid, here it is below as long as they keep it up (it’s categorized as “unlisted” on YouTube, as of this writing). Judge this for yourselves:

Now compare to the next video below released today, February 19, 2024 on Multimorphic’s official YouTube:

I get what they were trying to do with the stealth marketing, but it landed with a gigantic thud for this author. What do you think, readers? Keep in mind going forward this “Princess Bride Pinball” YT account with the unlisted video will probably be hidden/removed so your chances for comparing the two videos could be short-lived.

But let’s get to excitement over the game itself?

How much are you looking forward to playing Princess Bride? Some? A lot? Can’t wait?

I’m much more interested in playing Danesi’s Final Resistance than Princess Bride … but unknown if either will ever get to the on location P3 in our area. P3 would need to basically be half the price it is NIB for me to have any interest in buying one of these … because that’s how much overpriced these are to me. And it’s going to cost $5,000!!!! You can get a Jaws Pro for $1,500 more, which after playing Jaws Pro seems like a much better deal to me.

Given, if you already own a P3, maybe the standard game for $3,750 will be a nice edition. This modular games approach by P3 seems compelling, but after playing Weird Al on a P3 there is something that just feels off about the flippers and reactions on these P3 machines to me. It doesn’t have a smooth flipper feel at all and when it comes down to pinball, flippers are an extremely important part of the experience. This puts me a bit off to all pinball games played on this platform.

Can the flipper feel be fixed through hardware, software and settings? Yes.

Ask people that have flipped Jersey Jack Pinball machines and compared to pins from the past and modern Stern flipper feel and power. JJP finally figured flipper strength/feel out with Elton John. How not to make stock flippers feel limp. There is an I/O board kit that you can power-up the JJP flippers and there are precision flippers as well, to make them better, but stock machines up until Elton John, many pinheads have complained about flipper feel on JJP games.

If interested in The Princess Bride P3 module, you can order starting Tuesday 2/20/2024 at 9am CST (GMT-6). Multimorphic is advertising they will begin production on these game modules in Summer 2024.

UPDATE 2/27/2024 @ 5:01am PST: Here’s a video showing detailed gameplay from Multimorphic themselves:

It looks fun, no doubt. Still don’t want to buy it, but definitely want to play it. Scoring appears to be on the lower side, more like an early JJP game.

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2 thoughts on “The Princess Bride Sets New Pricing High for P3 Module Pricing: $1,500 Deposit, $5,000 for LE, $3,750 for Standard”
  1. Todd your right on that these Modules are way overpriced for what your getting. Weak pinball Flippers you have to buy a 3rd party I/O for additiona cost as well. I still think a full pinball machine from a reputable dealer or pinball flatpacks are the best value for money if you can’t build the whole machine yourself. Or just get a good gaming PC and get all the great commercial and virutal pinball tables for minimal cost.

    1. BorgDog preordered one and is excited about it. Can’t wait to hear what he thinks of the game. I need to find somebody that owns a P3 locally so I can play more of it and try out this new flipper upgrade. The flippers just make everything a non-starter for me on the P3, but there is something appealing about a pinball-virtual hybrid. To both our points, it needs to be less costly.

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