February 22 National Play More Cards Day

By Todd Russell Feb22,2024

Playing cards has been around a long, long time in history and today is the national day to celebrate play more cards!

The earliest mention of card games in world history dates back to the Tang dynasty in China. Historical records speak of Princess Tong Chyeng enjoying a “leaf game” with the members of the Wei Clan. It was only in the 1300s that cards made an appearance in Europe. As you can imagine, they became wildly popular throughout Europe — to the extent that a Paris ordinance in 1377 established official rules to keep players in check.

PLAY MORE CARDS DAY – February 22, 2024 – National Today

600+ years of cards! Offline, just grab a deck, shuffle and start playing. Online, depending on the type of cards you’d like to play, there are options.

BGA (REVIEW: Board Games Arena – Play Hundreds of Board Games Online Against Others for FREE) offers a bunch of different card games (list here) that can be played against others all over the world for free, and here’s a selected few:

Want to play cards by yourself? How about a nice game of Solitaire? We covered several different Solitaire options here: December 28 – National Card Playing Day. Also, BGA has a dice game of Soitaire called Vault Solitaire.

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