Wow, NES Tetris Kill Screen Finally Reached Multiple Times

By Todd Russell Jan21,2024

Every gamer on earth has likely heard about the puzzle game Tetris. This is one I played more on console, the NES, than in the arcade.

Recently, we’ve come across multiple cases of the previously believed “impossible” to beat NES Tetris game being beaten, or rather the kill screen reached. Not just once, but two more time. Maybe more by the time you read this. Here’s the most recent story of Tetris being beaten as of this writing:

To kick off 2024, Blue Scuti – whose real name is Willis Gibson – defeated Tetris. At just thirteen years of age, he did what many players have been trying to do for years, forcing the game to run for so long that it hits a kill screen and prevents any further progress.

Just days later, his achievement was replicated by two more players – fractal161 and P1xelAndy.

Tetris Was Finally Beaten After 34 Years – And Then It Happened Again – Insider Gaming (

Below is a good video that explains the competitive play surrounding NES Tetris.

This whole “roll technique” with the controller is something else, isn’t it?

How good at Tetris are you? If you’d like to Play Tetris right now, not the NES version, but a version that runs in a browser, just visit: Tetris via

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