December 28 – National Card Playing Day

By Todd Russell Dec28,2023

If you like to play cards then December 28 each year is your day. It’s a national event, after all.

Playing cards have been around for a long time, but they didn’t start out as the 52-card deck we have today. It all began in 9th Century China when people from the Tang dynasty began developing games using paper and objects. These were nothing like the modern, sturdier cards, but they did spread from China to different parts of the world. In India, the card game Ganjifa played by The Great Mughals had 10 suits in a deck. Court artists would hand-paint detailed scenes onto each of the 120 cards. From Egyptian cards featuring geometric Mamluk designs to the arrival of playing cards in Europe during the Renaissance, the deck eventually evolved and was divided into four suits of swords, cups, sticks, and coins. 

CARD PLAYING DAY – December 28, 2023 – National Today

As for card games that are good to play online against others … UNO (Ubisoft) comes first to mind, if you’re not into Texas Hold’em Poker, that is (I’m not), but there are a ton of card games out there: Hearts, Spades, Go Fish and so on.

Let’s not forget Solitaire! Heck, that’s been a Windows game for ages.

Game Pass Ultimate members have some extra Solitaire benefits, btw:

Kind of cool daily games actions in there that I didn’t know about until checking this out. Played Solitaire, but didn’t do well, btw.

What a way to pass the time instead of working 😉

What card games will you be playing on National Card Playing day? Share in the comments and happy gaming to you!

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