“88 MILES PER HOUR?!!!!!” – Back To The Future VPX … Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads

By Todd Russell Aug8,2023

On our recent road trip, Montana speed limit goes up to 80 MPH. There must be something wrong with the speedometer, though!

On last week’s Humpday Wednesday Pinball show (6am PST GMT-8, weekly), we played a little Back to The Future trivia. The first was such an iconic movie and the sequels were fun, taking us to a possible future and back to the old west.

Steam has available a Back to the Future build mod for the game Planet Coaster: https://store.steampowered.com/app/611421/Planet_Coaster__BacktotheFutureTimeMachineConstructionKit/

This is on my wishlist, I don’t own it, but do own Planet Coaster and have spent very little time with that. I do enjoy some Roller Coaster Tycoon type sim games and feel like Planet Coaster is in that wheelhouse. Has anybody reading played Planet Coaster and enjoyed? This Back to The Future DLC seems interesting, anyway and at three bucks, it could be worth checking out. SteamDB price tracking shows it’s been priced as low as $1.01 USD.

Back To The Future is one of the featured virtual pinball tables we are score chasing at PGM (see: https://www.playgamesmore.com/2023/08/humpday-wednesday-pinball-5-simpsons.html). Love to see you chase your best score along with us. Get on the board, today, there are dozens of games you can improve your best scores.

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