Pac-Man Played on Largest Video Game Screen Ever + Man Arrested for Climbing 300 Foot Vegas Sphere

By Todd Russell Feb7,2024

We pre-empt an engaging interview on the Apple Vision Pro scheduled for tomorrow morning with news in a couple odd places in Vegas. Some old, some cool, some dumb. Let’s tackle the dumb first.

Recently, we discussed a giant spherical billboard in the desert (see: Spamming the Desert – Las Vegas Sphere Lit Up with Xbox and Spider-Man Ads). Of course some human beings can’t be satisfied with seeing it the way it was intended: for ads, concerts, visual wonder and spectacles (see below). It took less than six months for some human Spider-Man to climb this Sphere. All 300 feet of it, straight to the top.

photo credit: Aaron Greenberg – Xbox on the Las Vegas Sphere

The climber’s name is Maison DesChamps — and of course an “accomplice” live streamed the event, only for panicked onlookers to dial 911. DesChamps was arrested shortly thereafter and, fortunately, did not die. Yes, he made the climb successfully, and lucky there weren’t heavy winds. At that height in the unpredictable Vegas air, you just never know. Streamer readers, please do not take note of this stupid stunt. Dying for clicks, views, subs, bits, whatever — no amount of temporary celebrity makes this worthwhile.

DesChamps, who calls himself “Pro-Life Spider-Man” is a known pro-life activist who has had previous arrests for climbing skyscrapers around the country.

Person climbs to top of Las Vegas Sphere (

Moving on, there is another giant visual landmark near the Vegas strip, that hopefully Mr. DesChamps does not set his sights on climbing.

The Resorts World Casino.

Also a good place to break a world record for the biggest ever game screen.

We’re talking a mammoth 100,000 square feet of Pac-Man goodnes played on November 30, 2023 on the side of the Resorts World Casino.

Old news, yes, but impressive!

Can’t help but to wonder what it would be like to play Pac-Man inside the Las Vegas sphere? Or rather if the sphere was shaped like Pac-Man. Oh, the possibilities…

I mentioned this on a Twitch stream recently that maybe the Sphere could rent out space to play games inside it during downtime. Seemed to go over with a lukewarm idea, but it might help them earn some more revenue during downtime. Heck, I’d like to play some games on these giant structures. Maybe a world record attempt at something? Very cool.

UPDATE 2/10/2024 @ 4:40am PST: Des Champs did over $100,000 damage to Sphere in his cause climb stunt:

“Pro-life Spiderman” Maison Des Champs, 24, allegedly stomped on countless lights as he climbed the illuminated dome as part of a stunt to raise money so that a homeless woman could “cancel her abortion appointment.”

Maison Des Champs’ Sphere climb caused $100K in damage: cops (

And bragging he won’t be charged and his attorney will get him off any charges? Oh my.

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