VPUniverse Moving Servers, Faster Speed Ahead

By Todd Russell Jul16,2023

Since getting my new 4K virtual pinball setup, I’ve been spending a bunch of time at VPUniverse.com checking out the tons of different tables, downloading some, playing and score chasing aplenty. This weekend the site has been down due to a server change promising faster speeds ahead and keep checking back to see when that blazing new speed will appear.

Every Sunday, the Scorbit weekly scores reset, and you can get your scores registered and displayed on the VPUniverse Scorbit scoreboard (link is here, but won’t work until the server is live again) for the following virtual tables:

Blood Machines
Guardians of the Galaxy
Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast

There are a few other Scorbit-enabled virtual pinball tables which include the excellent virtual recreation of Total Nuclear Annihilation. More virtual pinball tables are said to be coming with Scorbit functionality. You can download Scorbit for free on your phone and use it for real pinball score tracking, as well.

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