P3 Multimorphic Pinball = 2/3 Virtual, 1/3 Physical Pin – Swappable Games

By Todd Russell Sep24,2023

This P3 (https://www.multimorphic.com/) is a curious idea at about the cost of a NIB Stern LE ($12,000 USD). Make a table that is moddable and can be changed out quickly and easily with different games and allow a complete third party developer system to evolve and build games on this unique platform.

Multimorphic is delivering both traditional and progressive pinball games on its revolutionary physical pinball platform, the P3. This is real pinball (steel pinballs, physical flippers, and actual targets), enhanced with new technology and capable of delivering years of entertainment. If you enjoy pinball, the P3 is for you!

It sounds like a compelling idea. But what do these games look like? The following video might help:

Designer Scott Danesi, that did Total Annihilation for Spooky, is doing Final Resistance for Multimorphic, shown in the video above, for Multimorphic. Here is Weird Al, another swappable P3 game:

Will admit I wouldn’t buy this as my first return trek to owning a pinball machine again, but the idea of being able to add mods as additional games to a single machine is interesting. BorgDog that lives in the same state as me, streams pinball, owns pinball, and has worked and shared creating virtual pinball tables said he has already bought a P3 and looking forward to it. He also made an interesting point about how it would be cool if there were local/semi-local groups of P3 owners that shared modules so you could experience playing many, if not all, the modules without having to buy them. Neat idea! See, it’s this kind of social gaming that brings gamers together.

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