Shudder Blood Machines Movie As Content for Virtual Pinball Blood Machines

By Todd Russell Sep2,2023

One of my current favorite virtual pins is Blood Machines (available for FREE at VPUniverse here: except for the soundtrack, see below). Funny story to share, or maybe not so funny for old timers like me that seem to lose their memory from time to time 🙁 Totally forgot that I saw the movie Blood Machines and signed up for a 30 day free trial of Shudder available to check it out:

It gets worse, but hey, self-deprecation is valuable in 2023: I also wrote a review for the movie after watching May 24, 2020 and published to Letterboxd here:

After laughing at myself, a skill some in the world could benefit from doing periodically, it occurred to me that the movie can’t be very good if 3+ short years later I’ve completely forgotten even seeing it. Gave it three stars and maybe the reason it was so darn forgettable is because the plot, dialogue and story were so thin. The acting was also uninspired, but those effects, wow.

You can tell what the writer/director Seth Ickerman cared about: effects. Guess the ship alone was millions of polygons. It’s a sci-fi visual geekfest. Anyway, you get it, I’m lukewarm on the source material but the vpin, oh my, that is something else to play. I really dig that table. Again, whenever I fire up Pinup Popper () I gravitate toward it among the many tables.

Predictably on TikTok where I’ve been posting various games and game-related teasers, the Stephen King IT Pinball Madness table received much more love than Blood Machines.

@playgamesmore IT Pinball Madness (Virtual Pinball) #IT #stephenking #virtualpinball ♬ original sound – playgamesmore

Stephen King sells! Now, here’s my Blood Machines TikTok vid by comparison (hint: give this more viewer love!):

@playgamesmore Blood Machines (VPW Original 2022) this is currently my favorite vpin original to flip. Am not a fan so much of the movie, other than the cool visuals, but this vpin is a TON of fun to play. I have veen playing pinball for almost 50 years now and this is a bullseye IMO #virtualpinball #bloodmachines #sethickerman #vpx #pinball #free ♬ original sound – playgamesmore
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