Play the game Sega didn’t really want you to play, Dottori-Kun

By Todd Russell Mar31,2024

Let’s talk good arcade game trivia.

Getting around obscure Japanese regulations, and one of Sega’s best selling games by accident, was created in the 1990s and is called Dottori-Kun.

It is a tiny, budget PCB that was made to comply with new a regulation in Japan that said that arcade cabinets could not be sold bare. Several companies, including Sega, created tiny, low-budget “games” that would be sold with their arcade cabinets. Dottori-Kun was intended to be removed from the cabinet by the arcade owner and replaced with another, better game.

Dottori-Kun (Video Game) – TV Tropes

You can see video of the game in the YouTube video embedded below:

Want to play it in your browser right now? Visit the Internet Archive to play Dottori Kun (new version) [dotrikun] – MAME 0.239 (ILP32) (

Controls: 1 – to start, arrow keys to move your ship — avoid the X.

Note: this game didn’t ever have sound, so it’s not an issue with your speakers.

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