PGM Member MikeyJ Shares Gameplay of Raiden

By Todd Russell Aug3,2023

Can you tell from the screenshot below what game this is(?)

Ok, the title of this post gives it away, but as anticlimactic as that might be, Raiden is still a good game. In fact, one of the former iiRcadians show co-hosts and PGM Member, MikeyJ stopped by our Discord to share a YouTube video he made playing the classic shmup Raiden (1990):

The place I played Raiden the most wasn’t in the arcade, unfortunately, but on the Atari Jaguar. It remains one of my two most favorite games on the Jag. Tempest 2000 is my most favorite, but played quite a bit of Raiden with that awkward Jag controller that barely fit in my hands.

Thanks MikeyJ for taking those of us who also enjoy Raiden down memory lane!

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