PGM Member Gamer_Nix Shares Old PC to Wallcade Linux Gaming Project

By Todd Russell Jul21,2023

Have been following with interest PGM Member Gamer_Nix’s journey learning Linux for gaming and building a bartop or wall mount arcade using an old PC. He started a diary thread in the PGM Discord (pictured below) sharing his progress along the way, showing different stages of the hardware, his choices for software and much, much more. For anybody wanting to follow this path in building a bartop or wall mount arcade using Linux, this has been an exciting way to watch and learn the process literally from beginning to end.

Here is an early look at the GamerNixCade (my title for it, not his, BTW) which he shared to our open discussion text channel:

Here’s how it turned out and what he did with it:

How cool is that to have a co-worker share this in the break area at work?! They liked it so much that they hung it on the wall Thank you for sharing with PGM, Gamer_Nix!

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