Linux Beats MacOS for Steam Gamers as 2nd Most Popular OS in July 2023

By Todd Russell Aug5,2023

This is what the Steam Deck has done for the Linux OS: made it #2. Yes, a distant #2 behind Windows, but it has bested MacOS, via Linux surpasses the Mac among Steam gamers:

In July’s survey, Windows was still reported by 96.21 percent of users’ systems, so regardless of whether Linux or macOS come in second, it’s a decidedly distant second. Linux managed 1.96 percent, while macOS accounted for 1.84 percent of machines.

I don’t know how many think of MacOS for Steam, anyway, as Macs aren’t really known for gaming. Macs are amazing for video, audio and graphic design, but it’s always been way down the list for me for gaming, even when I did own a Mac computer. Got to go back to the eMac for the last Mac I owned, but I really liked that all-in-one computer at the time. Again, didn’t use it for gaming, really, though. It was more of a productivity machine and the websites I’ve owned/operated almost all have run using a Linux OS (LAMP architecture).

As for portable gaming OS? Let’s not forget Android, which powers the Switch and for a more recent competitor to the Steam Deck: Rog Ally from ASUS. One of our PGM members, at least has one, Suilkostinger. Asked him to provide some kind of review or thoughts on his experience with the device for a possible future article here, and he said he’s muling it over. He really likes the Rog Ally, anyway. From other friends, I have heard mostly they weren’t interested.

In terms of portable gameplay for my own gaming the Steam Deck is probably 60% of it these days, followed by 35% mobile and maybe 5% on the Switch. A couple years ago, Switch held the bulk of my portable gaming attention. How about you? What are you using most for portable gaming at the present time?

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