Arcade1up created an Oreo-themed Pac-Man cab as contest prize

By Todd Russell Jan29,2024

Wonder no more when the next Arcade1UP Pac-Man cabinet will be released, because it’s a one-off prize in a cookie contest for Oreo. You can see what it looks like to the right and, yes, it looks more desirable than the CasinoCade 😉

To celebrate its collaboration with Pac-Man, Oreo has released six Oreo Pac-Man Special Edition cookies, complete with special-edition packaging

Oreo teams with Pac-Man for new consumer competition | Product News | Convenience Store

To win this one-off Oreo-themed Pac-Man cab, customers will need to scan the Oreo cookies themselves (which are QR codes, creative!) or scan the bar code on the packaging to play a special game of Pac-Man with high score. There are other prizes including a grand prize for a trip for two to visit Bandai-Namco in Japan.

This promotion does not appear to have started in the United States yet but is already running in the UK (as of January 15, 2024). If you visit the promotional page from the United States where a special Pac-Man game appears, it says “not available in your country.” This link works from within the UK where the promotion is active as of publishing. Another source indicated this campaign was active in 42 European countries.

This is a cool games-related promotion. Hopefully, this campaign will come to the United States soon/eventually(?) If you know when or if it’s coming to USA Oreo customers, please let us know in the comments.

Will update this article when/if it’s learned it the promotion is active in the United States. If you’re in the UK reading this, enjoy!

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