October 6, 2023 Mario Red Special Edition OLED Nintendo Switch $349.99 also Lenovo Legion Go to launch in Oct

By Todd Russell Sep26,2023

We have bought four Nintendo Switches – none are the newer OLED model – to date and the two most played ones are by our grandchildren, which regularly play the portable game console to this day. To celebrate the Super Mario Brothers Movie released earlier this year, Nintendo is making a special Red Edition Nintendo Switch OLED (store link) this is to celebrate the upcoming next Mario flagship game, Super Mario Bros. Wonder, which looks very, very good. That game launches October 20, 2023. Will try and put out a separate article on that because a new Mario game deserves it’s own spotlight.

As mentioned in a past article (How Steam Deck Has Changed Your Gaming – Good, Bad and Ugly), the Steam Deck has taken over most of my portable gaming time. Still have a fond gaming spot in my heart for the Switch, Nintendo brought back a lot of the charm of the Wii in this system, but it’s starting to feel dated to me. Like they need to come out with a more powerful version, besides simply the OLED screen. Something that, well, rivals the Steam Deck.

Speaking of snazzy-looking portable gaming devices, what about the new Lenovo Legion Go: https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/legiongo/

Specific launch date is unknown, but supposedly the Lenovo Legion Go is launching at some point in October 2023 for $699. The Lenovo Legion Go is a Steam Deck competitor like the Asus Rog Ally (https://www.asus.com/us/site/gaming/rog/gaming-handheld/rog-ally.html), but both of these are Windows-based, not Linux-based OS like the Steam Deck. Something tells me neither of these devices will have the traction of Steam Deck, because of the close Valve Steam integration or the Nintendo Switch, which is basically the only game in Nintendo IP town. Whichever the case, it’s good to know portable gaming is alive and doing well. Good to see. Feel free to tell us what your favorite portable gaming device in 2023 below in the comments.

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