Launching October 20, 2023: Super Mario Bros. Wonder

By Todd Russell Oct1,2023

Not just “another” flagship Mario is coming from Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Wonder ( October 20, 2023. It’s another with emphasis, in a good way, because in this gamer’s mind, there can literally never be too many Super Mario Bros. platformers from Nintendo. How they are able to keep doing new, innovative things in this games is only part of the fun. This time, no Charles Martinet voicing Mario, all 12 characters have the same powers, and if it’s possible for their to be more colors, well, sure looks more colorful somehow in the demo videos shown off to date.

Here is a teaser video from Nintendo for Super Mario Bros. Wonder from their Nintendo Direct event:

Normally new Nintendo systems launch with new Mario games, but not always. The release of this game that took six years to develop might be as good a clue as anything that we’re not going to see a new console after the Switch any time soon. There are various rumors that Nintendo is working on a follow-up to the Switch, and certainly they are doing something, but on their own timeline. Nintendo does what they want, so as long as the Switch keeps selling, we’re gonna keep seeing it. Should they release a new console-portable hybrid is a whole other kettle of fish. No, instead they are releasing a completely red OLED version of the Switch paying homage to Mario. Kinda surprised they don’t back it up with an all green one for his bro, Luigi.

Will you be buying Super Mario Bros. Wonder when it is released? The price of it probably won’t be discounted, as Nintendo barely discounts their first party titles.

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