Netflix Love Is Blind Stories Mobile Game Launches September 19, 2023

By Todd Russell Sep1,2023

Will somewhat shamefully admit my wife and I have enjoyed Netflix reality TV series Love Is Blind. Can’t say I share very much interest for a Love Is Blind game as a mobile app, but it sounds like exactly that is coming via Android Police

The article makes it sound sightly more compelling than the video, which shown above, which seems like sort of a sim dating app:

The first flagship game set to debut is Netflix Stories: Love is Blind, launching on September 19, three days prior to the release of the show’s fifth season. Developed by Netflix’s in-house studio, Boss Fight Entertainment, players can virtually immerse themselves in the show’s unique dating scenario, using pods to navigate their own narratives of love and self-discovery.

On second thought, I have about 0.000001% interest in this game. What is Netflix doing in the gaming space, anyway? Are they going to go all in or keep doing stuff like, well, this? (related: Netflix Starts Limited Testing Cloud Streaming Games In Canada and UK) Does this genre appeal to anybody else reading? Season 5 of Love is Blind airs 9/19/2023.

UPDATE 9/1/2023: Today, watched the “After The Altar” Season 4 episodes for Love Is Blind and have to agree with this revie that’s it’s “cringeworthy boring” —

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