March 8 National Retro Videogame Day

By Todd Russell Mar7,2024

Tomorrow is an exciting day for multiple reasons. First, we’ll be releasing Season 2 Week 27 game to score chase: Lode Runner and second, March 8 is National Retro Videogame Day.

Retrogaming time!

Known as National Retro Video Game Day, it is observed on March 8 each year across the United States of America to honor Baer and retro video games. On this day, a variety of game events are held, as well as the release of new versions of existing games. For gamers, today is a complete day dedicated to them and their retro games, which have gone on to inspire and create the modern games everyone enjoys.

NATIONAL RETRO VIDEO GAME DAY – March 8, 2024 – National Today

Here at PGM, we have literally dozens of retro videogames to score chase. Season 1 Score Chasing is on our archives leaderboard featuring 18 games (some are not retro/classic, however) here:

In Season 2 of our weekly Score Chasing, we’ve featured a couple dozen more games that you can add your personal best here:

Season 2 ends at the end of May 2024 and we’ll start Season 3 when summer is over. If you’d like to be part of the discussion for games we feature in Season 3, stop by the Saturday Recap Twitch Stream (starts around 5:30am PST, runs until 7:30am PST):

I asked PGM Member vacantcode to pick out three favorite games from his list of 100+ games on Steam. As mentioned during a recent Humpday Wednesday he posts his recommendations to a Steam group he calls Bangers in the Bezel. He shares arcade-style games he really likes playing, often with a modern update/take. Here’s what he had to say in DIscord with each of his three picks.

Tiny Rogues has been in early access for a while and as it stands, has a TON of content and is easily one of my favorite games maybe of all time.

Vacantcode’s game pick 1 of 3 link:

Everyone knows I love shmups and bullet hells, but this one might be my favorite. There’s a lot of them that I really love – this one, I never get tired of.

Vacantcode’s 2nd of 3 picks link:

And I think Jet Set Knights deserves way more exposure. They really nailed an addicting single screen arcade platformer that predated the home arcade hobby crowd and should be known by it.

Vacantcode’s 3rd pick of 3 link:

Thank you for the picks, Vacantcode! Everybody, enjoy National Retro Videogame Day!

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