Antstream Arcade coming to Apple Store at Temporary Reduced Prices

We haven’t had much to say about Antstream Arcade since they lost the Warner Bros. license (see: Breaking: Antstream Arcade Losing Warner Bros. / Midway License) but today, June 27, 2024, the service is expanding and landing in the Apple Store — and at a reduced price ($3.99/month and $29.99/year instead of the regular price of $4.99/mo. and $39.99/year). At least for a little while.

After the EU passed the DMA in late 2022 and it came into force in 2023 — attempting to foster marketplace competition among tech companies — Apple made a bunch of EU-specific changes to its App Review Guidelines. But it also made some worldwide changes — like allowing third-party game streaming services. After that, Antstream became the first game streaming service to say it will launch an app for retro game streaming on the App Store.

Antstream Arcade launches on App Store with 1,300 retro games | Cult of Mac

As far as cloud streaming retrogaming services, Antstream still remains one of the better ones in that regard. There are some noteworthy companies’ games missing that could make the service really blow up, but it is what it is. Gamers can check out the library on the PC or Xbox and decide if they have enough games to make playing on the service worthwhile.

Not seeing any word if they will offer the lifetime service they are selling on XBox for $79.99, but if they are and you love playing Antstream Arcade on your Apple device, you might want to dig around and see if one becomes available.

Let us know in the comments how you currently feel about Antstream Arcade?

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One thought on “Antstream Arcade coming to Apple Store at Temporary Reduced Prices”
  1. Hi Todd!

    I think you have some Apple Devices? Does $40 year seem like a good deal to you? We both have so many gems we’ll probably never to get anything else. Would Jowly find interest in that deal?

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