LIMITED TIME OFFER – Black Friday Sale – Launchbox Lifetime and Yearly shared by PGM Member ED209

By Todd Russell Nov24,2023

Every year on Black Friday, the frontend launcher/organizer Launchbox has a sale on their yearly and lifetime access to their program. The deal page pictured below is located here:

Talk about old school text adventure humor: “You Have Died From Dysentery …. And Missed the LaunchBox Black Friday Sale”

LaunchBox helps organize all your games on your PC with pretty menus, loading videos and more. It seems to be most handy with emulation, but can better organize Steam games and other games on your PC. Paired with Bigbox, it also makes the navigation and launch on a TV a cleaner user experience.

Currently for virtual pinball I’m using Pinup Popper, which is free from Nailbuster, and that, too, can do other than pinball, but haven’t really experimented with it.

I’ve been somewhat interested in buying and checking this out. PGM member ED209 uses and likes, and several other PGM members have mentioned this frontend game organizer and launcher.

Not sure, as of this writing, if I’m jumping in this year or will wait another year (or longer), but leaning buying this year, simply because I’m not sure what next year’s sale will look like. Might be mistaken, and correct me in the comments please if you know otherwise, but think it was $35 for the lifetime a year ago. If that’s true, procrastination has cost me 10 bones.

Yeah, just call me the artist currently known as … fence rider!

Do you have any experience using Launchbox? Share your experience: good, bad or indifferent in the comments. And happy shopping to you, today!

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