Launching November 17 on PlayStation – Christmas Massacre – Already Available on Steam Since 2021 – Rejected by XBox and Nintendo

By Todd Russell Nov14,2023

Note: a sense of humor is needed sometimes. It’s healthy to laugh 🙂

Tuesdays are a day of the week to think of new game releases. And, leading into the weekend, so are Fridays. The game featured herein comes out Friday November 17, and reminds of the Friends TV show episode (S3 E10: The One Where Rachel Quits) where Phoebe is freaked out by a Christmas tree being put through a chipper.

Time for Christmas tree revenge? A Christmas tree that tells the main character to kill people, “Kill them all!”. No, really, that’s the premise for Christmas Massacre, an indie “low poly” game that is both violent, crazy and holiday-oriented. It’s coming to Playstation on November 17, the only major console system that would have it. No, not Nintendo or XBox. Steam/PC has had a version available since 2021 (, and the regular price as of this writing is $7.99 USD.

via PCgamesN:

In Christmas Massacre you play as Larry, a man whose talking Christmas tree tells him to kill people. Inspired by classic ‘80s slasher films and adopting a “crusty” retro PS1-style, you’ll use an arcade stealth system to kill every NPC in each level. Despite the aged visuals, it’s incredibly brutal.

Visiting the Steam page for Christmas Massacre, the mature content warning indicates there are also “naked nuns” among other attrocities.

Not quite sure what to make of this indie game and whether or not Playstation standards have reached a low that Microsoft and definitely Nintendo wouldn’t reach, or if this is just really dark, sinister humor? Readers will have to decide. Those on Steam can play right now, Playstation owners will have the chance to play this coming Friday, November 17, 2023. PGM members, check the #NSFW subchannel, there is a giveaway for this game on Friday as well at 8am PST. Please feel free to leave your thoughts on this game — good, bad or indifferent — in the comments.

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