Kickstarter for Re-Release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1985 RPG Meets Goal 4 Hours After Release

By Todd Russell Nov12,2023

This TMNT role playing game might be my first ever Kickstarter (

Consider myself an RPG fan, have played a bunch of D&D and other RPGs — Boot Hill, Gamma World, Top Secret, other TSR — back in the 80s and yet do not remember this TMNT RPG game. It looks good and makes me want to play it right now again.

Mea culpa: No, I’ve never done a Kickstarter. None of them. Do like the idea of supporting some of them and have thought about jumping in, but I’m pretty impatient when it comes to buying stuff. Don’t really want to wait for something to come out in the future. Have done a few preorders of game-related stuff, so know what that feeling of waiting is like. With Kickstarter there is a possibility the Kickstarter doesn’t fund — doesn’t meet the goals — and you’re at the mercy of the Kickstarter creator deciding whether or not to refund your pledge. You can cancel a pledge before the Kickstarter ends and get a refund, but not once it’s closed.

This TMNT Kickstarter is from Palladium Books and they have used Kickstarter before. They are planning on releasing this RPG whether or not they reach their goal, so it’s one of the relatively low risk Kickstarters. Here’s what the creator says about Kickstarter:

I’ve been part of a Kickstarter campaign for every book I’ve written, and I love how the platform lets me interact with you, the fans, to make sure that what we produce is the best project possible.

Palladium Books is blessed to have a loyal fanbase built over generations, but it can still be difficult for a small company like ours to get the word out. Kickstarter is a wonderful way to share our big projects with as many fans as possible and show off all the exciting rewards

For the full text, see image below:

As for what pledge level I’m considering? Both the $60 and $100 levels are calling out to me the most as of this writing:

Though if I go with the $100, which seems like the most popular of the options, the green mutant edition for $160 starts to call out to me.

This has been my problem with other Kickstarter campaigns. End up with paralysis by analysis instead of simply pulling the trigger. If I do buy into this, am going to want the dice. Need those sweet looking dice and that’s going to add in more $$$ in the optional add-ons section.

Each dice set is $20 as an add-on, so pledging this project could end up costing around $200 or more, depending on what is pledged, if any. There is a little more time left to decide. Alas, this Kickstarter ending date is Tuesday 11/28: “This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Tue, November 28 2023 8:59 PM PST.” As of this writing, I have it as a “saved” Kickstarter project. This means 48 hours prior to the end of the auction the site will notify me it is nearing ending. Probably when this gets published about a week after this was written, a decision will be made one way or the other.

What about you, friendly reader? Interested or not in this RPG? Will you wait and buy it when it’s released at your favorite retail game store, online or off?

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