Going Anti Nintendo Super Smash Tournament Rules by Linus Tech Tips + Black Friday Deal for SSBU OLED Switch Bundle

By Todd Russell Nov24,2023

Nintendo is well known by gamers for their great IP, but they are equally known, and in some (many?) cases despised for something else.

For headline context, this. Linus Tech Tips says ‘f*** Nintendo’ and announces spiteful Smash tournament:

“We’re hosting a Smash tournament,” both concluded. Linus continued, “When we have the LAN center open, we will host a 201-person Smash tournament. I will break as many ofcthese guidelines as humanly possible, and I challenge Nintendo to come after me. F*** you,” Linus concluded while giving Nintendo the bird.

We don’t normally cover back-and-forth drama here, but Nintendo needs to relax sometimes, really, they do. It’s like they are the most hyper-focused, super protective gaming company in the world. We get it, they protect their IP, doggedly, ferociously even, but what is the deal with their rules around gaming tournaments for their games? Ok, they are making these tourneys “official” so that grants them some degree of control, but some of these rules seem a bit draconian, yes/no?

If you delve into the history of Nintendo, they started out making playing cards. They used to have their name appended with the word in Japanese playing cards. Here’s an interesting video that goes through Nintendo’s history:

Meanwhile, Nintendo is making a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate themed Nintendo Switch OLED bundle for Black Friday ($349 USD).

So, do you compete in Super Smash Tournaments? Tell us more in the comments.

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